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Inzpire Dance Company was a performing arts programme for emerging talent initially founded in the Bay of Plenty in 2008. 

We relocated to Wellington at the end of 2019, and are now operating in a different capacity here in the Capital. With Society Entertainment as our commercial business for private and corporate events, our charitable trust kicks into operation for community based events.
Inzpire serves the performing arts community to create and deliver opportunities for pre-professional and professional dancers, right here in New Zealand. 

We are passionate about enhancing our community with the love we have for our craft.



Preparing professional and pre-professional dancers for successful full time careers in the Dance & Performing Arts industry and creating opportunities for dancers in New Zealand to perform within their communities. 

Registered Charity No. CC52216

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Our performing artists, specifically commercial dancers - have had a history of training to the highest levels right here in NZ, and then moving across the globe to embark on careers within the industry. Dancers typically work as performers on cruise ships, at resorts and theme parks, for travelling large scale shows, on Broadway and more.

Our post Covid world has hugely impacted many of our most talented, leaving them without work, and ‘stuck’ here in NZ. 

As a charitable trust, we want to change the narrative and create consistent opportunity for dancers in our community, specifically within Wellington, which is the arts capital of NZ.

We believe in connecting the greater community with the performing arts by bringing the arts to them.  


Through consistent performances across the wider Wellington City, we create an opportunity for dancers to make a living in their own country. As Wellington is a hub for creative talent, we want to align with the Wellington City mission to ‘value new talent’, connect it with support networks’, and ‘ensure there is an appropriate range of platforms for local talent to present their works’. 

Our dancers to be nurtured in a city they give so much life to. For them to be supported in their works so we don’t lose our talent to overseas opportunities. As an organisation, our arts practitioners are driven to work with communities to develop work of, by and for that community

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